Invest in the environment. Invest in the country's future.

When you invest in the environment, you invest in the future of millions of Filipinos who depend on the bounty of our seas, forests and rivers for food and livelihood. When you invest in climate change adaptation, you invest in the future of those who are extremely vulnerable to its impacts.

You can support WWF-Philippines Programmes in many ways! Make a donation or spread the word on our conservation and climate change adaptation initiatives. Be part of the solution today!

Help us spread our message about conserving the planet and protecting the species.

Need ideas to get you started to living an environmental-friendly lifestyle? We’ve come up with lots of ideas to get you started!

  • Live Green 1
    When You Shop

    Today's society is consumer-based which means we have great consumer power. Read more

    Getting Around

    Emissions from transport are the fastest growing contributor to climate change. Read more

    Be Conscious of the kinds of plastic you purchase.

    Avoid buying PET beverage bottles, straw and take-out containers.

  • Live Green 2
    On Your Holiday

    Tourism is the biggest industry in the world with massive impacts on people and nature. Read more.

    In Your Local Area

    Each of us has a responsibility to safeguard the natural environment of the area we live in. Read more.

    Did You Know?

    For every liter of gasoline used by a car, 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide is added to the air along with other pollutants.

  • Live Green 3
    When at the coast or in the countryside

    All of us enjoy a day out but we must remember to respect what makes our day out so enjoyable.

    Make your own paper at home

    Here are the steps on making your own paper at home.

    At Work

    WWF-Philippines encourages energy and waste-saving measures to reduce impact on the environment. One example is to unplug your laptops or desktops when not in use.

  • Live Green 4
    In the Garden

    Many of us think our gardens as our refuges from the world but our attempts at turning our little patch idyllic may have detrimental consequences.

    Make Your Own Water Collector

    Learn how you can make your own rainwater collector.

    At Home

    Households are responsible for majority of the country's energy use. You can make a big difference in your home simply by making a few small adjustments to your routine.