Internship - Earth Hour 2017

Climate and Energy

February 1, 2017

I. What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a global campaign to showcase what can and is being done all over the world to combat climate change. Earth Hour is a worldwide initiative showing how individuals, communities, businesses and governments can address the threat of global warming if we resolve to work on it together.

Earth Hour unites communities, ushering in a new era of environmental consciousness by encouraging personal accountability and behavioural change to facilitate a low-carbon lifestyle.

The highlight of the Earth Hour campaign will see hundreds of millions of people from different races, religions, cultures and socio-demographic turn off their lights, united in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet.

Being part of the worldwide initiative, WWF-Philippines spearheaded last year the “Going the Beyond the Hour” campaign, which aims to raise awareness among Filipinos on various climate change adaptation measures and means to mitigate its impacts.

In 2014 and 2015, the Earth Hour global community ran Earth Hour Blue, the first crowdfunding platform for the planet, which allowed individuals to fund environmental and social projects of their choice through an online donation. In 2016, Earth Hour harnessed the power of the crowd to “change” climate change for a living planet by focusing on the changes that we can make to tackle climate change, not just ‘against’ or ‘stop’ but to change it for the better.

For 2017, Earth Hour will once again use the theme, “Shine A Light on Climate Action,” as its call to individuals and organizations.


II. What do YOU NEED to do?

  1. Assist in communicating to all sectors identified, including all local government units (LGUs), businesses, academe, civil society organizations, to join Earth Hour 2017;
  2. Ensure that ALL sectors are reached within the acceptable timeframe prior to Earth Hour event;
  3. Must be determined and perform consistent coordination activities so that ALL invited sectors are engaged to join the switch off campaign and main ceremony;
  4. Must be aware of the message, purpose and relevance of Earth Hour and read all reference materials provided by WWF about the Campaign;
  5. Perform communication efforts that ensure the message and purpose of Earth Hour is as spread out as possible such as TV/radio interviews;
  6. Update the database of local government units and key stakeholders and corresponding directories
  7. Produce and maintain a database of volunteers who will participate before and during the Switch Off activities;
  8. Must closely coordinate with the Soc-Mob Team as well as the Earth Hour Philippines Core Group for updates and inquiries;
  9. Must attend relevant and internal Earth Hour meetings;
  10. Assists in the Earth Hour Switch Off and other Earth Hour-related events, as directed;
  11. Attend the Switch Off and Kick-off events;
  12. Invite ALL sectors to the main switch off event once finalized;
  13. Actively promote Earth Hour to your closest social networks;
  14. Is expected to be cheery, optimistic, and engaging when contacting potential participants;
  15. Be resourceful especially when searching for the appropriate contacts per institution, company, establishment, etc.;
  16. Must be innovative and exude an empowering attitude when communicating Earth Hour to participants;
  17. Expect to hold brief lectures or speaking engagements to potential targets groups on behalf of WWF and the Earth Hour Team;
  18. Be prepared to perform other duties deemed necessary to achieve the target and goals of WWF and Earth Hour;
  19. Be passionate about the work at hand and its purpose.
  20. Report to the WWF-Philippines HQ at least 3x/week from 9:00-17:30. Applicants who can render full hours Monday through Friday will be prioritized



Duration: February – April 2017

  1. Updated database of all local government units, with respective contact details
  2. Updated database of all target agencies / institutions / companies / organizations;
  3. Updated involved interns and volunteers;
  4. Brief assessment report of Social Mobilization success stories and recommendations;
  5. Maintain clear and organized records and documentation for the duration of Soc-Mob Operations;
  6. Bi-weekly progress reports as to the volume of commitments reached in terms of actual switch offs and from which sectors, cities, and municipalities;
  7. Making a difference in your own way.


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