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The main switch-off for Earth Hour 2017 will be held at SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex on March 25, Saturday night.

In the spirit of promoting meaningful climate solutions, we encourage Filipino families to stay at home and observe the hour through low-carbon means.

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Those who wish to join the Earth Hour Philippines Switch-Off Event at SM by the Bay, please take note of the following guidelines:

1. Exhibit and Earth Hour Camp starts at 4:00 PM.
2. Switch-off program starts at 7:30 PM.
3. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EarthHourPH2017 when sharing your Earth Hour experience!
4. Please maintain proper decorum and observe cleanliness at all times. After all, we are there for the environment.

There will be an array of booths that will showcase how to deal with climate change and how to reverse it, as well as renewable energy.

If you are staging your own Earth Hour switch-off event, register your activity at the Earth Hour 2017 Tracker.

Click here to get your own Earth Hour Philippines Action Kit!


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Shine A Light on Climate Action

WWF-Philippines thanks the generous donors who gave the Gift of Light to the remote island-community of Beton in northern Palawan!

About 15 million Filipinos have no access to electricity. Living in far-flung villages which are not directly connected to power grids, they instead rely on highly-flammable kerosene to light up their homes. This lack of access to a safe, stable, and sustainable energy source hinders opportunities for social and economic advancement.

Located in the municipality of Taytay in northern Palawan, the remote island-community of Beton is home to an estimated 300 families who rely on subsistence fishing and seaweed farming for food and livelihood. The majority of them make do with living in darkness after sundown.

“Our children study and do their homework under the light of kerosene lamps, which are dangerous and expensive. We spend about PHP 150 for a month’s worth of kerosene. This amount could have been allotted for other necessities like food and school materials,” said Romela Dominguez, a mother of four.

To spark hope, top climate solutions provider World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) recently distributed solar-powered lamps to dozens of families in Beton. Solar lamps rely on the power of the sun, eliminating the need for fuel.

The units were obtained through funds raised from Gift of Light, a crowdfunding project that WWF-Philippines initiated during the Earth Hour campaign in March 2015.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest voluntary mass action for the environment. What started out as an annual lights-off event has grown into a movement that catalyzes environmental and social projects with tangible outcomes. Earth Hour has paved the way for online crowdfunding initiatives like Gift of Light to introduce practical yet long-term climate solutions.

Before distributing the portable solar home systems, which include two lamps each, WWF-Philippines organized an education session among Beton residents, who learned about climate change, renewable energy, and how they can maintain their new lamps.

“Renewable energy is free, safe and clean. With these lamps, there is no need to waste money on kerosene, the burning of which contributes to climate change,” said Atty. Gia Ibay, who heads WWF-Philippines’ Climate Change unit and the Earth Hour Philippines campaign.

Romela’s eldest daughter, sixth-grader Kyla Joy, shared, “The solar lamps capture the power of the sun during the day so that we can have a bright light source at night. With this, I am able to properly read my books, do my homework. I really hope to be a teacher one day. Thank you to the generous individuals for giving us the gift of light.”

For children who have big dreams like Kyla Joy, Gift of Light brings hope for a brighter future. (30)

For more information, please contact:

Atty. Angela Consuelo Ibay
Climate Change & Energy Head, WWF-Philippines
National Director, Earth Hour Philippines

Maia Melencio
Marketing Services Manager, WWF-Philippines

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Be an Earth Hour Partner

Earth Hour has a global focus on climate change. We are committed to creating change for the better. You can help do this by joining the movement. Create tangible impact by inspiring action!
Celebrate Earth Hour 2017 with Earth Hour Philippines on March 25 at 8:30 PM at SM By the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex.
Because Earth Hour is an open-source movement, feel free to plan fun environmental activities based around your organization’s goals. Another way to get involved is by supporting an Earth Hour project. You can also pledge to achieve an environmental outcome.


Looking to make a serious commitment for your organization’s sustainability practices? Partner with us to drive environmental impact, get in touch to find out more!

For corporate partnerships, please contact WWF-Philippines Corporate Partnership Officers Caitlin Jao (cjao@wwf.org.ph)

 For media partnerships, please contact WWF-Philippines PR and Events Officer Gerlene Reyes (greyes@wwf.org.ph).

 To join the Earth Hour Philippines Official Switch-Off Event, please contact WWF-Philippines Earth Hour Officer Imee Bellen (ibellen@wwf.org.ph).


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