Celebrate Earth Hour with WWF-Philippines on March 28, 2015!

Earth Hour Philippines

The Philippines absorbs some of the world’s most violent typhoons, and has had to adapt to climate change earlier than most countries. Yet, it is home to a resilient and cheerful people who have been championing Earth Hour since 2008.

Spearheaded by WWF-Philippines plus an ever-growing list of private and public allies, Earth Hour Philippines capitalizes on the Filipino attitude of bayanihan or fellowship.


Like wildfire, the movement to promote sustainable consumption has spread to over 1600 cities, towns and villages.

Having topped Earth Hour’s town and city participation levels since 2009, the Philippines continues to blaze fresh, fun trails in localizing the language of climate solutions.

This year WWF-Philippines’ joins the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Hour’s 10th year of promoting climate action.


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