WWF-Philippines works on parallel national programs that aim to conserve biodiversity while managing the human footprint through the promotion of sustainable development. However, we cannot do this alone. Through the last decade, we have achieved our mission through active partnerships with local communities, local and national government agencies, corporations and individual donors.

Corporate Partnerships

Media Partnerships

Geographical Information Systems

The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Unit is an initiative of WWF-Philippines to employ geographic information solutions, as well as related information management systems, chiefly to assist projects and key partners in meeting their respective goals in environmental conservation and management.

Environmental Education

WWF-Philippines acknowledges the vital role of education in the mainstreaming of programmes that address various environmental issues. WWF's Environmental Education (EE) Programme provides one platform to enrich the youth's educational experience, as we move towards a sustainable nation.

  • Schools

    WWF-Philippines believes in working with the academe to promote environmental consciousness and encourage environmental action among the youth. The Environmental Education team conducts school visits in order to bring these modules to students from different year levels...
  • Communities

    Community sessions are conducted in order to raise awareness and promote participation among its youth and youth partners. With unified efforts from schools and from communities, appreciation for our natural resources is reinforced and stronger and more sustainable programs...


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