WWF-Philippines believes in working with the academe to promote environmental consciousness and encourage environmental action among the youth.

The Environmental Education team conducts school visits in order to bring these modules to students from different year levels:

  • Biodiversity and Conservation – this module focuses on the interrelationships of various environmental components.
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Lifestyle – this module focuses on the concepts of climate change and encourages students to espouse sustainable habits geared towards mitigation and adaptation.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation & Renewable Energy – this module focuses on the benefits of conserving energy and making energy-efficient choices. Students will also be introduced to the different sources of renewable energy.
  • Waste Management – this module focuses on waste management by understanding the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as well as composting.
  • Water Conservation – this module focuses on the importance of watersheds as our source of water.
  • Food and Well-being – with agriculture being climate-dependent, food security is one of the major issues affected by climate change. This module focuses on the importance of sustainable production and sourcing – both for our personal health and health of our planet.

All modules are designed to integrate different subject areas and incorporate various teaching methods in order to create an enjoyable, educational, and meaningful learning experience for the students.

Recognizing the great capacity of our educators to be effective advocates for the environment, the EE team of WWF-Philippines also holds workshops and trainings for teachers across all levels.

The WWF EE Teachers' Training includes discussions on environmental issues and workshops on integrating environmental lessons into class activities and school programs


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