Sustainable Development

WWF works with major land development companies to ensure that ecological footprint concepts and social equity are integrated into all residential and commercial development projects.

With your help, our solutions for an eco-friendly lifestyleand a sustainable planet can reach more people!


Transforming World’s Energy Systems Urgent Necessity

13 April 2014

WWF Study Provides Strategy for RE-based Economy by 2050

11 April 2014

162 Nations Join Earth Hour!

29 March 2014


28 July 2012
WWF: Feed-in-Tariff Scheme to Provide RP with Cheap, Clean Power

12 July 2012
NSA Ship Cadets to Become Environmental Stewards

05 June 2012
Big Investments Needed for Asia-Pacific’s Dwindling Natural Capital


Donor Spotlight: Mr. Elmer Fuentes is an OFW who gives to WWF-Philippines because, "These people take care of my country and the environment I love while I am away." Check out his video.

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Fly Responsibly: Every time you book a Cebu Pacific flight online, you get the chance to offset your carbon footprint by donating a small amount to WWF’s Climate Adaptation Projects. So tick the panda and let there be Bright Skies and great reefs for every Juan!

VIDEOS: Explaining the Issues

Renewable energy generated from natural sources water, wind, solar, biomass or geothermal will play a key role in replacing the world’s dependence on fosil fuel based energy sources, such as coal, oil and natural gas which are not renewable. This means once that source of energy has been used, it is gone!